Thermoplastic Striping

If you are looking for the most durable and long lasting striping for your roadway or parking lot project, or if you are not sure if thermoplastic is best for your needs, let our expert thermoplastic striping technicians come take a look. Thermoplastic is a more permanent pavement marking that is used on asphalt concrete and portland cement road surfaces. Although it is more expensive, the total life cycle cost of the striping makes it more cost effective long term.

Thermoplastic consists of pigments, binders and glass beads that are heated to form a liquid that actually fuses and binds with the pavement. That bond creates a strong physical lock that gives thermoplastic its durability. In addition to durability, one of the outstanding benefits of thermoplastic is that the glass in thermoplastic has a reflective quality, so thermoplastic makes the striping more visible as headlights reflect off the lines.

Thermoplastic is particularly useful for turn lanes, deceleration lanes and high traffic areas where visibility and durability really matter.

Benefits of Thermoplastic Striping:

  • No Dry Time– ­ Thermoplastic dries within minutes.
  • Night Safety ­- The glass in thermoplastic reflects more light for better vision at night.
  • Versatility ­- Thermoplastic allows for versatile application, for customized striping needs.
  • Long Life Cycle ­- Its durability decreases wear and tear and increases the life time of the striping.
  • Cost Efficient ­- The longevity of the striping increases its cost efficiency in the long run.

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