Power Washing 

Parking lots attract a lot of debris – everything from discarded cigarettes or gum, to vehicle oil drips, and stains from spilled coffee or food. When your parking lot doesn’t look clean, your business doesn’t look well maintained, giving people the wrong image. Professional power washing may be the environmentally friendly answer to many of your parking lot maintenance needs.

From small parking lots near retail spaces, to the largest parking garages, even mall lots and the messiest industrial parking lots, our expert power washing technicians at Lone Star Services can quickly and efficiently handle all of your parking lot cleaning and restoration needs. Lone Star Services uses the best and most environmentally friendly power washing equipment to help your business look its best for your customers and community. You will be amazed at how a clean parking lot can improve the overall look of your facility, be it industrial, commercial, retail, restaurant, medical facility or multi family dwelling.

Some benefits of our Power Washing Service include:

  • Presoaks with Biodegradable chemical.
  • Lone Star Steam Machine with 300 degree water.
  • Lone Star rinse at 4000 psi.
  • Lone Star’s light bleach rinse for an even cleaner and brighter look.

Roto­Washing or Dustless Blasting

Lone Star Services is always looking for the best and most budget friendly method of meeting our client’s needs. While sandblasting might be the best method for removing old striping and debris on some parking lots, Roto­washing or dustless blasting might be a better option for your business. We will remove the dirt and grime from your parking lot or garage, leaving it sparkling like­new.

Do you have a dirty parking lot or garage that is scaring away customers? Don’t hesitate and lose another customer! Call Lone Star Services today at 817-831-2727, and find out how you can save money with our power washing, roto­washing, or dustless blasting services. You’ll smile every time you see how clean your parking lot or garage can be with Lone Star Services.